Cold Shrink Tubings

SILG-Silicone Cold shrinkable sleeve for Grip

Operating temperature : -50℃ ~ 125℃


Silicone Cold shrinkable  sleeve for antenna (Taiwan)

Silicone (weather resistance rubber) is a kind of rubber insulating sleeve which is expanded in advance on the removable support tube. Only need to locate it then remove the support tube when you use it. The radial pressure of silicone will form the coating.

Used for paddles, fishing rods, rackets, hand tools, agricultural implements, sports equipment, crutches, sanitary equipment, etc.

Replace PU winding tape and EVA foaming traditional way.

Appearance have hair-line surface treatment and Glossy treatment.

Operating temperature : -50℃ ~ 125℃

Storage environment0℃ ~ 50℃



Washable, quick drying

Excellent insulation to prevent electric shock

The grip is elastic and soft and slippery

Excellent performance of electrical insulation, weather resistance, anti-UV aging

Anti-sweat is not stinky, easy to replace

Protects the rear end of the rod from wear and impact

Other colors can be customized, laser engraved LOGO

Meet RoHS requirement


Specification(Standard color:Black)


Technical data