Fiber Optic Heat Shrinkable Tubing

DWE-Heat shrinkable tube for fiber optic splice closure

Operating temperature : -50℃ ~ 125℃


DWH Solar plants generation for connector MC4 hot-melt glue heat shrinkable sleeve

Suitable for long-term outdoor exposure, for fiber optic splice boxes Protection with various objects that require enhanced sealing

High quality hot melt adhesive provide excellent watertight and prevent leaking from terminal box. Resistant to strong acid and alkali

Can be heated by flame

Operating temperature : -50℃ ~ 125℃

Discoloration temperature of temperature sensitive paint : 200℃





Highshrinkage ratio  4:1  

Hard, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, UV-resistant

Formaldehyde soak for 200 hours without abnormalities

Special hot melt adhesive prevents object gas leakage

Minimum fully recovery temperature:80˚C~120˚C

Temperature sensitive paint for easy Identification

Other colours size re available on request

Meet RoHS requirement




Specification(Standard color:Black)


Technical data