Thin Wall General Purpose Low Voltage Heatshrink

CLF-flame retardant Transparent heat shrinkable tube

▲ LED light bar sheath, neon insulation protection


CL Non flame retardant  polyolefin tubing

LED light bar sheath, neon insulation protection

Allows facilities equipped with LED light sources to achieve flame retardancy

Has excellent electrical and mechanical properties

Operating temperature : -30℃ ~ 105℃

Storage temperature:Below 30℃




Shrinkage ratio 1.7:1

Minimum fully recovery temperature : 60˚C~90˚C

Clear heat shrinkable

VW-1 flame retardant grade

Flame retardant polyvinyl chloride resin

Very clear that allows the font to be clearly visible

For a variety of low-voltage power cables 300V

Meet RoHS requirement

Contrast SUMITUBE™ V (300V)

Specification(Standard color:Clear)


Technical data