Braided Sleeving

PM-Polyester multifilament braided sleeve

Operating temperature : -40℃ ~ 150℃


PM Polyester multifilament braided sleeve

Polyester multifilament braided sleeve adopts Polyester multifilament braiding process. The unique braided structure makes the product very soft and easy to install even on hoses and special-shaped parts

Specially designed for automotive wiring harness, ship wiring harness, Hydraulic pipes, hydraulic pipes, forklift trucks, ironing machines, pet ropes, ship cables, etc.,military wiring harness, mechanical wiring harness, plastic pipe anti-mechanical abrasion design, explosion protection

Melting point temperature:210±15℃

Operating temperature:-40℃ ~ 150℃



Smooth surface, corrosion resistance, opaque

Excellent stretchability, flame resistance, abrasion resistance and convenience>

Has good anti-vibration and noise reduction effect

The warp fibers are extremely soft

Light weight /Weather resistant/Anti-UV

Good performance of heat and moisture absorption

Can be perforated at any position without damaging the casing itself

Meet RoHS requirement

Specification(Standard color:Black)


Technical data