Cold Shrink Tubings

EPDM-rubber cold shrink end caps

Operating temperature : -55℃ ~ 150℃


PM Polyester multifilament braided sleeve

It is made of EPDM through a special process, The cold shrink end cap is a closed tubular rubber cap. After placing it on the end of the cable or pipe, remove its inner core, the rubber cover will shrink and form a sealing layer to protect the end of the cable or pipe

Cold-shrinkable end caps protect cables, pipes and other cylindrical objects from moisture, pollution, corrosion, ozone, ultraviolet radiation, physical contact and other environmental hazards

Applied to the end cut protective seal of power cable and communication cable

Operating temperature:-55℃ ~ 150℃




shrinkage ratio 2:1

Easy, single step installation - no special tools, extra set up time or training is required>

No heat source required - obtaining a hot work permit is not an issue

Rubber material provides constant uniform radial pressure – no additional mastics or tapes are necessary to prevent moisture ingress

Clean and easy to remove - lift the end of installed cap and slice with a utility knife

Excellent performance of electrical insulation, weather resistance, anti-UV aging

Meet RoHS requirement

Specification(Standard color:Black)


Technical data