Thermal insulation sleeving

AF-Thermal insulation aluminum foil Wraparound sleeving

▲Heat insulation effect -30℃ ~ 130℃


AF Thermal insulation aluminum foil Wraparound sleeving

Cable insulation and protection of metro, railway and other vehicles

Cable and wire protection and insulation of heavy machinery, such as cars, buses, electric motor vehicles and trucks

Equipment wiring protection and insulation of buildings, ships, public places and tunnels

Thermal insulation protection of various wires and cables, automotive wiring harnesses, hoses, oil pipes, copper pipes, stainless steel pipes, etc

Operating temperature : -40℃ ~ 150℃


Woven by aluminum foil + glass fiber + polyester

Heat insulation effect -30℃ ~ 130℃

High temperature resistance, oil stain resistance, corrosion resistance, antibacterial

The open structure is easy to operate and convenient to use

Surface fire retardant

Meet RoHS requirement

Specification(Standard color:Aluminum foil)

Technical data