Heat Shrink Butt Connectors

ECAPS-Closed End connector splices

Terminal Wire Nut Connector Solder


ECAPS Closed End connector splices

It is used for the sealing connection of the end of multi-strand electric wire. It contains (strong adhesiveness) special hot melt adhesive, composed of colored glass beads, spiral copper coil, solder ring, hot melt adhesive ring and heat shrinkable tubing.Terminal Wire Nut Connector Solder .

To replace the general wiring cap, nylon crimp cap, wire insulation cap

Operating temperature : -40℃ ~ 125℃

ContrastTE Raychem


Withstand voltage  2 KV

Minimum fully recovery temperature : 150˚C~170˚C

Suitable for long-term outdoor use, anti-UV& oil & acidity

Blue transparent cross-linked modified PVDF heat shrinkable tube

Meet RoHS requirement

Specification(Standard color:Clear)

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