Heat Shrink Butt Connectors

S063、S0175、S0200 High temperature shielded wire Termination Sleeves



S063、S0175、S0200High temperature shielded wire Termination Sleeves

Suitable for medium-range missiles, long-range missile systems, rocket systems

Suitable for high temperature shielding grounding terminal

S063 operating temperature : -55°C ~ 150°C

S0175 operating temperature : -55°C ~ 175°C

S0200 operating temperature : -55°C ~ 200°C



Integrated design, reduce the welding requirements of labor

Hot melt plastic ensures the tightness of both ends

Optional pre-installed pinout for shielding the ejection of the signal

S063 does not comply with ROHS

S0175 is ROHS compliant

S0200 is ROHS compliant

Complies with SAE AS83519/2


S063 Series

S0175 Series

S0200 Series