Thin Wall General Purpose Low Voltage Heatshrink

K23X High shrinkage ratio heat shrinkable sleeve

Operating temperature : -55℃ ~ 135℃

K23X High shrinkage ratio 
heat shrinkable sleeve

K23X High shrinkage ratio  heat shrinkable sleeve

Widely used in cable insulation protection, wire coating processing and insulation protection of those "General products in market".

Properties of solder joint protection, cladding of electronic components, insulation protection of resistors and capacitors

Anti-rust and corrosion treatment of metal products, vibration reduction treatment of shock

Operating temperature : -55℃ ~ 135℃


Highshrinkage ratio  3:1

Minimum fully recovery temperature : 70˚C~110˚C

Burning with low smoke to ensure the refuge view and increases the escape time

Meet RoHS、UL requirement、VW-1、600V

It is very soft and with high flame retardant performance

Excellent properties of mechanical /chemical /weather resistance / electrical 

Other colours size re available on request

Specification(Standard color:BK、WT、RD、BU、YL、GN)

Technical data