Thin Wall General Purpose Low Voltage Heatshrink

FPVC-High-flame retardant heat shrinkable sleeve

Operating temperature : -30℃ ~ 105℃


FPVC High-flame retardant heat shrinkable sleeve

Wire harness insulation protection for home appliances, automobiles and motorcycles

Insulation protection of electronic components

Excellent electrical and mechanical properties

Operating temperature : -30℃ ~ 105℃


Shrinkage ratio 1.6:1

Minimum fully recovery temperature : 70˚C~90˚C

Translucent and shrinkable with heat

Meet VW-1 requirement  

Comply to the green environmental protection standards:D3421-75,SRS-046,EN1122,

Used for low voltage power cables of various specifications

Certification/ comply to standard gb8815-88

Meet RoHS requirement

Specification(Standard color:multicolour)

Technical data