Thin Wall General Purpose Low Voltage Heatshrink

EMC EMI interference heat shrinkable sleeve

Operating temperature : -55℃ ~ 125℃


EMC EMI interference heat shrinkable sleeve

It is made of special magnetic polyolefin crosslinked by radiation, with good electromagnetic compatibility and anti-electromagnetic interference, which can improve the electromagnetic performance and stability of electronic components.It can be widely used in the electronic components industry, such as inductance, capacitance, etc., 
To replace the inductance coil external magnetic cover and improve the inductance value, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and other functions.

Can be used to PC power supplies, capacitors, data transmission wires

An electromagnetic shield (barrier) is need for electronic circuit.

Operating temperature : -55℃ ~ 125℃


Shrinkage ratio 2:1 
Minimum fully recovery temperature : 60˚C~110˚C
Excellent electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and anti-electromagnetic interference (EMI)

Stable performance /easy operation/ uniform shrinkage

Meet RoHS requirement

Specification(Standard color:Black)

 Technical data