Thin Wall General Purpose Low Voltage Heatshrink

CL-Non flame retardant polyolefin tubing

Operating temperature : -55℃ ~ 105℃


CL Non flame retardant  polyolefin tubing

Apply to protect the webbing hanging covering, and material perspective application

Protect the weight outer layer from being rust

Hand-tools, carving art, drills packaging protection

Operating temperature : -55℃ ~ 105℃


Shrinkage ratio 2:1

Minimum fully recovery temperature : 60˚C~100˚C

Meet RoHS requirement

Very clear that allows the font to be clearly visible

Other colours size re available on request

Excellent properties of mechanical /chemical /weather resistance / electrical

Easy to dismantle

Very soft

Not easy to get color changed or yellowish

Specification(Standard color:Clear)

Technical data