Braided Sleeving

PET Heat shrinkable fabric tubing

Operating temperature : -40℃ ~ 125℃


PET Heat shrinkable fabric tubing

The heat-shrinkable braided tube is woven from PET and polyolefin filaments which it is heat-shrinked. The unique woven structure makes the product very soft and easy to install even on hoses or particular-shaped parts.

Excellent wear resistance and noise reduction

Designed for the mechanical wear resistance of automotive rubber hoses, plastic tubes and wiring harnesses.

Operating temperature : -40℃ ~ 125℃

Minimum fully recovery temperature : 80℃ ~ 125℃


Shrinkage ratio:2:1

Excellent flexibility, flame and abrasion resistance and convenience

Good performance of seismic and noise reduction

The warp fibers are extremely soft

Light weight /Weather resistant/Anti-UV
Good performance of heat and moisture absorption

Can be perforated at any position without damaging the casing itself

Meet RoHS requirement

Specification(Standard color:Black)

Technical data