High Voltage Busbar Insulating Tubing

UN2-36KV-Heat shrinkable busbar insulation tubing

Operating temperature : -45℃ ~ 110℃


UN2 Heat shrinkable  busbar insulation tubing (36KV)

With the continuous busbar- protection heat shrinkable sleeve is made of high-energy electron beam bombardment cross-linked environment-friendly polyolefin and heat-shrinkable material, which can limit environmentally harmful substances such as PBB, PBBD, PBBE and heavy metals, and does not generate toxic gases and harmful substances when it is burned. It also provides high insulating strength and resistance to carbon traces. It is suitable for anti-corrosion and insulation protection of busbars and electrical equipment.

Power industry, distribution board, transformer station, power station, heavy power demand

Electrical insulation, mechanical protection, reducing phase spacing, making joint boxes

Operating temperature : -45℃ ~ 110℃


Shrinkage ratio 2:1(24kV,36kV busbar insulation) 

Minimum fully recovery temperature: 100˚C~135˚C

Stable performance /easy operation/ uniform shrinkage

Environmental protection/ high strength/ good elasticity/ flame retardant /soft

Meet RoHS requirement

Comply with Taiwan Power IEC60060-1

Specification(Standard color:Red)

Technical data