Solar Energy Generation Adhesive-Lined Heat Shrink Tubing

DWH Solar plants generation for connector MC4 hot-melt glue heat shrinkable sleeve



Made of semi-rigid polyolefin and hot melt glue, it is suitable for waterproof and insulating protection and Solar PV plants generation wiring harness of automobile and electronic equipment.

With high magnification shrinkage, it can be used as waterproof protection for multiple wire harness, wire and connector connection parts, etc

Operating temperature : -50℃ ~ 135℃

Contrast TE Raychem、DSG-CANUSA

Contrast Staubli MC3.0、MC4.0 Solar MC4 Connectors

TYCO Compatible Connectors 2.4 Mm PV Connector

PHOENIX SUNCLIX 'Tool Less' Solar Connector en voor 2,5 - 6 mm²


Highshrinkage ratio  5:1  

20% glue increased, excellent sealing protection

Minimum fully recovery temperature :110˚C~135˚C

Meet RoHS requirement

Meet SAE-AMS-DTL-23053/4 requirement

Excellent properties of mechanical /chemical /weather resistance / electrical

Other colours size re available on request

Specification(Standard color:Black/Clear)

Technical data